Need Fuel On Site? BUY A Fuel Tank

We have fuel tanks for sale, fuel trailers for sale, diesel transfer pumps, fuel nozzles, fuel meters, Ute tanks and other fuel equipment accessories. Keeping the environment in mind, we offer a range of Self bunded fuel tanks ensuring full environmental compliance.

We sell fuel tanks to industries including Government, Rental companies, Remote construction (Directional boring / Piling /Bridge & Road Works), Drilling, Industrial (Generator and Dewatering pumps), Earthmoving and any other sector that requires diesel fuel on site.

Self Bunded Trailer Sales

  • 1,250 ltr Capacity
  • Under 2 tonne fully loaded (no electric brake controller required)
  • Tank in tank (Inner tank can be removed)
  • Galvanized trailer
  • Weather proof pump bay
  • Fully baffled, low centre of gravity for safe towing

Self Bunded Tank Sales

  • UN approved for transport of dangerous good and/or static storage - Fully baffled
  • Tank in Tank – Removable inner tank, Bunded 110%
  • Can refuel plant as well as run a generator at the same time
  • Pumps, Hoses and connections can be locked in bunded area even when in use
  • Robotic welded seams
  • Stackable – 3 high empty, 2 high full
  • Three (3) year guarantee
  • Meet strict quality standards, are PPG2 compliant and EU approved. Designed and approved to AS1692 and AS1940
  • Four Way Fork pockets for lifting when full and 4 x lifting lugs for lifting when empty

Fuel Tank Hire

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Diesel Ute Tank Sales

  • When QUALITY is important!!
  • Diesel grade approved material which prevents migration and is tested to the IBC standard.
  • 4 mtrs of hose and leads
  • Standard with Auto Nozzle
  • Premium quality 45lpm Italian pumps. 12V on 100, 200, 400 & 600ltr units, 12/24V dual voltage on 800, 1200 & 2000ltr units
  • Steel filling plate and cap for access & fully enclosed Lockable Lid to protect pump and fittings (100, 200 & 400ltr units)
  • An anti-static, anti-splash filler pipe with a heavy duty bolted steel filler plate for rigid mounting and allowing full tank inspection & fully baffled (600, 800, 1200 & 2000ltr units)